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Regain Your Smile, Check Out This Dental Implant Special

There are a multitude of reasons why we unfortunately lose our teeth. Decay to fractures, failed or failing root canal therapy, and, fortunately, there is a simple fix. Implants in Citrus Heights by Dr Bal.

No reason to feel bad, dental implants in Citrus Heights are the best solution so long as one has enough bone for a suitable implant. Let the best dentist in Citrus Heights help you restore and regain your confidence and smile.

Starting you off with a single tooth dental implant special of $575.00* (certain restrictions apply).


Dental Implants by Surgical Guide

Even when there is not enough bone, Dr. Harsimrat Bal at Creekside Dental Care in Citrus Heights can provide bone augmentation in the sinus, the extraction site or do jaw expansion.


Implants give amazing results. Like the tooth loss never happened. Dr. Bal uses state of the art 3D digital workflows to precision prep and place your implants paying attention to have the nicest looking gumline by reverse engineering the process from the crown down to the optimal location that enhances the final look.


Our number one goal is to provide you the best value in customer service by being available 24/7 via direct text to our main number 916-723-4777, a number that you can even send pictures to. Its a form of tele-dentistry that we offer to all of our patients, existing and new.


At Creekside Dental, we are a small tech savvy team that are passionate about serving your dental needs. Personalized service is the VALUE  at Creekside Dental, the easiest dentist to contact. Please try us!


Restores natural bite function upon tooth loss

  • Do not need to trim/cut adjacent teeth for a bridge
  • Bridges hard to keep clean encourage further decay and get longer
  • Keep adjacent teeth stable from toppling over or super erupting
  • Prevent bone loss, as bite forces transmit directly
  • Bring an end to a tedious battle with gum disease
  • May last a life time with routine check-ups with your dentist

screw retained implant tooth comparison at Creekside Dental Care Citrus Heights

Missing a Single Tooth?

The highest standard is prosthetic driven guided surgery. Wow, that was a mouthful! All it means is that we design your implant based on the position of the replacement tooth and then reverse engineer the best position for the implant that can best support the biting forces on the new tooth.

So how is it done? Dr Bal starts with a 3D x-ray called a CBCT. We also make a 3D model of your mouth using an intra oral scanner that is  non-radiation scan. We then merge these two scans and then place a virtual tooth that helps us design the optimal location for the implant avoiding important nerves and vessels. At the same time we always keep in mind a future use of the implant if multiple teeth are lost in the future for implants bridges all the way to a full arch solution called All on X.

Missing Multiple Teeth?

Implant bridges can help when there is not enough space for single tooth implants. Of course we design it just like we do single tooth implants guided surgery. You will need to floss under the bridge by threading your floss underneath; however, you could also use a water flosser. The bridge treatment helps to save on cost by decreasing the number of implants.

Taken care of bridges and single tooth implants can last a lifetime and improve your health as you are able to eat whatever you want. Studies show that a person who can eat what they want is healthier than a person who eats only what they can.


What's a Sinus Lift?

In our upper jaw there is the sinus cavity behind our nose and above the jaw. It sometimes limits the length of implant that can be placed.

Solution: Dr Bal can reach the sinus with special instrumentation and attached to the floor of the sinus cavity is a tough membrane which she lifts hydraulically and places bone graft and a dental implant into that graft at the same time.

Please take a look at the image of a minimally invasive sinus lift Dr Bal completed in her office. It is called minimally invasive because the bone shaping made for the implant is the access through which the bone graft is placed and then the implant plugs the hole so bacteria cannot enter. 

Sinus Lift for Dental Implant by Dr Bal at Creekside Dental Care Citrus Heights